Frame Doors

Our subsidiary company, multiplus GmbH, manufactures frame doors with glass, mirror or wood according to customer requirements. Drawer fronts are also a part of our product range. We attach a high level importance to a constant high level of quality. The acknowledgement of our customers is our motivation..

Frame Doors

Profil_EckeAccording to the customer’s wishes we manufacture frame doors sized to mitre or to 90 degree, each with dowel drilling as revolving or folding doors.

  • with glass (clear, frosted, or colored glass, just as you like)
  • with mirror
  • with wood

Sliding Doors

Profil_G1658…. are mainly used in bedroom furniture. These kind of doors are very space-saving, because they slide open laterally.

Drawer Fronts and Lids

skv… are made of MDF or chip board with bevel or edge radius. We also can offer drawer fronts sized to mitre with frosted glass.

Lids are used i.e. in bar trays.

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