Welcome to MultiProfil GmbH!

7.2 IMG_9811Over many years we have established a successful “track record” supplying components to the furniture industry. Our area of expertise is the production of wrapped profiles and mouldings made of wood, plastic or metal. Our bespoke profiles and mouldings are produced on “state of the art” machinery according to the client’s individual specifications. We use our wide range of experience to assist the client in bringing their concepts to realisation.

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Some of our profiles and mouldings undergo further processing at our own premises by our subsidiary company multiplus GmbH, which produces ready packaged finished products such as frame doors and picture frames. This allows us to offer not just a wide range of products and services, but also to react flexibly to customer needs and achieve refreshingly short lead times on large or small production runs.

PEFC LogoFSC® LogoMultiProfil respects the environment. Thus, our company and processes are certified by the standards of the FSC®.

In addition, our company is certified by the standards of the PEFC.

You can download our certificates as a PDF-File by clicking on the logos.

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